Meeting Minutes - 2007

Club Meeting -- November 14, 2007

In Attendance: Rick Chandler, Keith Engstrom, Abdul Faiky, Ed Furtek, Mark Grosenbaugh, Becky Kirk, George Liles, Devin McManus, Maurice Tivey

MPS Presentation:
Mark McDevitt, Academy Director for Mass Premier Soccer, presented information about training for our coaches and players. The training sessions would be run by MPS professional coaches. Training sessions for coaches would take place in early March, followed by training sessions with each of the Falmouth Soccer Club teams in late March and early April. The cost
for all training sessions will be paid for by the club. Mark also suggested holding a Falmouth Soccer Club night for one of the Cape Cod Crusader games, with reduced ticket prices for the Falmouth players.

Treasurer's Report:
George Liles presented the treasurer's report. Mike Jones is putting together a budget that will include line items for MPS training, MYSA skills academy subsidy, tournament entry fees, training t-shirts, and scholarships for two Falmouth Soccer Club soccer players (one male and one female).

Old Business:
Devin McManus asked that we reconsider the decision to not combine U15 and U16 girls teams. The club decided to leave the teams as they are for this year, but to reconsider last spring's decision to give equal status to out-of-town players who have played a year with Falmouth Soccer Club. It was also decided to re-examine the try-out procedures in order to improve
co-ordination between age groups. This discussion will take place in the spring and any decisions will be applied to next fall's tryouts.

Club Meeting -- October 10, 2007

In Attendance: Mike Bishop, Rick Chandler, John Child, Rui Correia, Keith Engstrom, Ed Furtek, Abdul Faiky, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, Julie Lamson, Greg Lanoue, George Liles, Devin McManus, Kevin Mulvey, Bob Petit, Mary Ryther.

1) Tryout schedule is posted on the web at
2) There will be a table set up at Trotting Park for late registration. Parents should come with filled out MYSA form, picture, and check.
3) After conducting the tryouts, coordinators are to call or email Becky Kirk (; 508-540-2537) with the results - i.e. how many teams you are forming with how many kids on each team, which divisions (Division 1 or Division 2), and if you have extra players that you could not place.


1) Information about the new uniforms is on the web.
2) Uniform night will be held in November TBA. Hardship discounts are availble to help parents buy uniforms. Coaches may be proactive regarding offering hardship discounts.

Field Reservations:
1) Kevin Mulvey is in charge of scheduling fields throught the Rec Dept. Anyone needing a soccer field for club activities should go through Kevin for reservations.

Coaching Classes:
1) Falmouth Soccer Club will encourage coaches to take licensing courses given by Mass Youth Soccer. The Club reimburses coaches for the
registration fee.

Have a successful tryout this weekend. Extra people (club officers) will be at the fields all weekend to assist you.

Club Meeting -- September 20, 2007

In Attendance: Becky Kirk, Devin McManus, Helen Reuter, Mike Jones, Rich Latimer, George Liles, Rick Chandler, Greg Lanoue, Mark Grosenbaugh

Report by the Uniform Committee:
The Uniform Committee considered many options for team uniforms and decided to have Select furnish team kits. Starting this year parents will be required to purchase and own the uniform, which can be used over a number of seasons. The approximate cost of the new kit (jersey, shorts, and socks) will be $41. Parents will be able to order and pay for uniforms (payment will be made directly to the vendor) in November (after the
tryouts) at the Rec Center where samples will be available for sizing. The club will also order a number of additional uniforms to be available at All Cape Sports retail store for purchase by parents who need a uniform at a later date.

Treasurer's Report:
The Board approved a player fee for 2008 season of $90, which is the same as last year’s fee. Money that would normally have been used for
uniform purchase by the Club will be used for subsidizing players and coaches to attend skill clinics and for travel teams to attend tournaments.

Information about registration and tryouts for Spring 2008 travel soccer will be available at Trotting Park on Saturday, September
22nd and Saturday, September 29th during Rec soccer games. Information sheets will also be handed out in the public schools and an advertisement will be placed in the Enterprise specifying time, place, and what to bring to registration.

Registration will be conducted before tryouts at the Rec Center on October 3rd and 4th between 5:00 and 7:00pm. Parents will need to register players one of those nights. Be sure to bring:

  • a MYSA member form (available at registration)
  • a 1” x 1” photo of the player
  • a Xerox copy of the child's birth certificate (needed only if players did not play Falmouth Travel Soccer Spring 2007)
  • a check for $90 made out to Falmouth Soccer Club
Tryouts will be held the weekend of October 13th and 14th.

League Report:
Mike Jones reported on a proposal to implement a tie breaker procedure based on goal differential. He recommended a no vote because of the
potential for a team to run up the game score. The club instructed Mike to vote no.

Any coach who took their team to the playoffs last spring and paid referee fees out of pocket should request a rebate of the fees from the League by providing Mike Jones with information on:

1. The age group and division of their team
2. The opponent
3. What level of playoffs (i.e. elimination game, semi-finals, or finals)
4. How much money was paid

Club Meeting -- May 9, 2007

In Attendance: Tom Campbell, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, George Liles, Mary Ryther

Silent Weekend:
There was mixed response from coaches regarding “Silent Weekend”. Most of the Board felt it was a worthwhile thing to do in that it created good discussion. The Board was in favor of doing it again next year but with modifications. Some of the ideas that were mentioned were allowing some positive cheering by parents and some limited tactical coaching by coaches. There was also consensus that parents should refrain from giving instruction during all games -- not just over Silent Weekend. Coaches are responsible for reminding the parents of this.

A committee is being formed to choose a new uniform design and develop a plan for parents/players to be responsible for buying (and owning) uniforms, starting next year. The committee will have the following composition:

2 board members (Becky Kirk and Mary Ryther)
2 coaches who are not board members
3 parents who are not coaches or board members
2 players (a male and a female)

A notice will be sent out asking for volunteers to fill the coach, parent and player seats on the committee.

Parent Survey:
There was discussion about handing out a survey to players and parents to get their input about different aspects of our program. We will look into the possibility of distributing a survey before the next club meeting in June.

Modified travel Program for U08 and U09:
There was discussion about introducing a modified program for U08 and U09 players that would concentrate more on skill development and less on travel to games. The program would involve small-sided games with the possibility of friendly competition with adjacent Cape towns such as Sandwich and Bourne.

Tryouts and Players from Neighboring Towns Playing for FSC:
The FSC Board of Directors reaffirmed the policy that competitive tryouts for all age groups and divisions shall be held annually. Prior year returning FSC players (regardless of town of residency) and new players who are residents of Falmouth shall have equal standing and opportunity in these tryouts. The board also reaffirmed that the FSC Board of Directors, not individual coaches, have ultimate responsibility and authority on the method and organization of these tryouts.

Old Business:
The club is still seeking a volunteer to replace Tom Campbell, who is stepping down as one of our Vice Presidents.

Club Meeting -- April 11, 2007

In Attendance: Tom Campbell, Rick Chandler, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, George Liles, Mary Ryther, Eric Thunberg

Secretary's Report: There were no minutes from the March meeting because that meeting was devoted to field lining. The minutes from the February meeting are posted on the web. The club collected $243 from coaches and board members during the 1st weekend of the season in memory of Wendy Child, and a check for this amount was sent to the Village Playground Fund.

Treasurer's Report: We are in good financial shape. Budget issues for next year will be discussed at the next club meeting in May.

Field Issues:
1) The club wishes to thank the Falmouth DPW for helping with field maintenance and getting the goals set up.
2) Scheduling for games and weekend field use – call Patti Jones.
3) Scheduling for weekday practice fields – call Tom Campbell.
4) Some high school boys JV lacrosse home games will impact practices at Trotting Park.
5) FSC should begin dialogue with the Rec Committee about long-range field usage for soccer as the town moves forward with new fields on the Sandwich Rd. Dupee property.
6) Coaches are reminded to make sure that they line the field when it is their turn. The schedule is posted here on the FSC web site.
7) Coaches are encouraged to help pick up trash at Trotting Park during spring clean-up week, April 24-April 30.

League Report:
1) SCSL will hold a voluntary “Silent Weekend” May 5/6 when coaches and parents will be asked to refrain from yelling instructions to players during the game.
2) SCSL has drawn an additional wildcard spot for the MTOC tournament for the U16G division.
3) Roster freeze for MTOC is June 1.
4) Any coach with a SCSL pass card may coach any Falmouth team during a game. For example, if the team’s actual coach or assistant coach cannot be present at the game, a Falmouth coach from another team may serve as the game coach or assistant coach and be present on the sidelines.
5) An 8v8 game needs a minimum of 5 players on the field to start.
6) Nantucket received a waiver for a 60 yd 8v8 field.

Equipment Report:
Mary Ryther gave a report on equipment purchases for this season. There was a discussion about registration and uniform purchases for next year. Becky Kirk and Mary Ryther will look into these issues and report at the next meeting.

Club Policies:
Mike Jones, Eric Thunberg and Mark Grosenbaugh will begin a review of club policies, especially those regarding team composition, waivers for playing on a neighboring town’s team and player fee refunds.

New Business:
Tom Campbell is stepping down as Vice-President and Field Czar. The club is actively seeking a volunteer to serve on the FSC board, work with the Rec Dept. on field use and be in charge of practice field scheduling.

Club Meeting -- February 14, 2007

In Attendance: Jeff Burt, Tom Campbell, Rick Chandler, John Child, Tor Clark, Rui Correia, Phil Dascombe, Ed Furtek, Mark Grosenbaugh, Bob Jessman, Mike Jones, Patti Jones, Becky Kirk, Julie Lamson, Greg Lanoue, Rich Latimer, George Liles, Frank Mastriano, Devin McManus, Hassan Moustahfid, Kevin Mulvey, Helen Reuter, Mary Ryther, Tony Sciarrillo, Eric Thunberg, Maurice Tivey

Introductions: Introductions were followed by a motion to accept the minutes. The motion passed without objection.

Referee Presentation:

1) Eric Thunberg went over game day procedures for coaches. He reminded coaches that they are responsible for setting up nets and corner flags. Coaches need to provide 2 rosters with player names and numbers and player cards. If a player’s name is not on the roster or they do not have a player card, then they will not be allowed to play in the game. Eric reminded coaches to get the cards back from the referee before leaving the field. Coaches will be given funds at the beginning of the
year to pay the referees during the season. Coaches are responsible for reporting scores on the SCSL website. The club is fined if scores are not reported.

2) Frank Mastriano went over the Laws of the Game dealing with “advantage”, “hand ball”, and “offside”.

3) Mike Jones brought up the issue of whether we wanted to use linesman for 8v8 games. Becky Kirk asked for a non-binding vote on the sense of the club on this issue. There was strong support to continue using linesman for 8v8 games.

Practice Field Signup: Tom Campbell conducted practice field sign-up for Trotting Park, Falmouth Heights and Morse Pond fields using a lottery system to choose the order of signup. Every team was given the opportunity to sign up for two practice

League Report:

1) SCSL is considering a “Silent Saturday” where coaches and parents will be required to refrain from yelling any instruction during the game.

2) SCSL has drawn wildcards for the U16B1, U16G2 (our U15G) and U18G divisions. This means SCSL will be sending the top two teams from each of these divisions to MTOC. For U18G, besides the wildcard, there is also a U19G team in the division. This means the top three teams will go to MTOC: two U18G teams and one U19G team. The schedule is being reworked to
include the U19G team.

3) For the MTOC, substitutions on throw-ins may only be done by the attacking team. This differs from SCSL rules.

4) SCSL Playoff Dates:
Tie-Breaker games must be completed by June 8th.
First round games complete by June 10th.
Final round games complete by June 18th.

5) SCSL is recommending the use of Field Marshals during games.

Game Reports and Rescheduling Cancelled Games:

1) Instructions for reporting games can be found on page 4 and page 17 of the 2007 coach's handbook. Game reports must be entered within 48 hours of the game time or Falmouth Soccer Club is assessed a fine.

2) Coaches do not report cancelled games on the web site. This will be done by the club scheduler (Patti).

3) To reschedule cancelled home games, the coach must, within 2 days of the cancelled game, either provide Patti with three alternate dates/times for the game or call the opposing coach to agree to a day/time in advance. If the coaches have pre-agreed to the day/time, the opposing coach should also let his/her director know of the agreed upon date. For away games, coaches will receive dates/times from the home club via an email from Patti. Once they receive this email, they have 2 days to respond with their selected date/time. If coaches are unable to check their email for game reschedules, please let
Patti know to use an alternate mode of communication.

4) All coach user names and passwords for the SCSL web site are active. Coaches should try to login to the SCSL website.

Old Business:

MPS Proposal - George Liles reported on an MPS proposal to provide a coaching clinic and coaching sessions for our teams. Coaches were strongly behind attending coaching clinics taught by MPS personal. Some coaches were interested in having
their teams go through a training session taught by an MPS coach.

8v8 Goals - 8v8 coaches voted to have the club buy 6x18 goals for the 8v8 field.

Club Meeting -- January 10, 2007

In Attendance: Tom Campbell, Rick Chandler, Keith Engstrom, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, Greg Lanoue, George Liles, Devin McManus, Helen Reuter, Mary Ryther, Derek Silcox, Eric Thunberg, Maurice Tivey

The December meeting minutes were accepted on a voice vote.

Treasurer’s Report:
- A FY ’06 expense report was presented and explained.
- George will contact coaches to collect outstanding player fees.

League Meeting Report:
- The field size for 8v8 games has been set and is listed in the revised SCSL Rules of Play.
- One Falmouth team (U12B2B) has already had its first game declared a forfeit for failure to submit registration materials prior to the January 8 deadline.
- Any team that has ‘extra games’ on its schedule needs to contact Patti Jones ASAP.
- The reschedule period ends February 14th. Coaches are allowed one unrestricted game rescheduling during this period. Changes during the season are much harder to achieve, so take advantage of the reschedule period to make corrections.
- Home game times will be posted on the web within a week.
- Even though no games are normally scheduled on Easter and Memorial Day weekends, those dates ARE available for reschedules.
- Coaches note: if your email address has changed since your last SCSL login, contact Patti to re-register your login information.
- Sportsmanship will be a special focus of the League this season, with emphasis on proper player and parent behavior.

Old Business:
- Christina Palcic has resigned as 1st Vice President for personal reasons.
- The uniform signup sheet was passed around for coaches to indicate what uniforms they need for their teams. Until we identify a new VP, contact Becky Kirk if you need uniforms.
- An insurance certificate will be available from MYSA early next week to allow teams to practice in town or private facilities. Rick will submit the main spring registration package to MYSA later this week, which is the prerequisite for insurance coverage. Coaches should be aware that players need to be registered via the Club registrar before any practices or competition to ensure coverage. This includes fall soccer programs. Contact Rick if you have any questions.
- Town field assignments for spring soccer practices and games have been proposed by FSC and the Rec Dept. has agreed to our request. We will be able to support all games at Trotting Park fields, and each team will have a full field for one practice per week and at least a half field for a second practice at one of the field locations (TP, Morse Pond or the Heights). The Club would like to commend 2nd Vice President Tom Campbell for his tireless efforts in securing adequate field space for our players.
- Field lining will take place on Saturday, March 17th at 10 am. A representative from each team (coach or designated parent) must meet at Trotting Park parking lot that morning to receive uniforms, equipment and player/coach pass cards. Coaches will then be assigned to a lining crew at one of our fields for about two hours of duty.
- The MYSA Skills Academy at Falmouth Academy will take place as scheduled Saturdays through the end of March. Any player of the appropriate age is welcome to attend. See the link on FSC’s web home page for more information.

New Business:
- Signup for spring practice field locations and times will take place at the February meeting. Coaches are STRONGLY encouraged to attend as this is the only opportunity to secure practice space for your team. Teams not represented will be offered any remaining slots that may be available. A lottery system will be used this year to make the process more equitable.
- The Club will purchase 8’ x 24’ goals as required this season to equip fields. There was discussion about using smaller goals for 8v8 play. MYSA and SCSL recommend 8v8 teams use 6' x 18' goals, but since we want to encourage shooting we will not purchase the smaller-size goals.
- FSC has been approached by the New England Revolution organization about putting together a FSC group trip to see a Revs game. The Revs have offered group ticket pricing and there are other incentives based on the size of the group (e.g. rally tunnel participation). There was general enthusiasm for the idea at the meeting, so Rick will work with the Revs to identify a home game in May and start working on the details.
- The FSC referees will hold a meeting before the season starts to discuss issues related to and prepare for the upcoming season. All Grade 8 and 9 officials will be invited to attend.
- The Club is considering having a designated ‘Registration Night’ next fall to collect player/coach pass card registration materials and fees for all teams. We envision a table set up at the Rec on one or two nights, manned by FSC officers and/or volunteers, to receive material and dispense information. Each year we have some degree of trouble getting coaches and parents to submit pictures, birth certificates and checks prior to League registration deadlines. Having an advertised single occasion for this purpose, after tryouts and team formation but well before the deadline, will help coaches complete this task and will ensure the Registrar gets all the data he needs in time to register the teams. If we move to individually-purchased uniforms next year, we could also take orders for those at the same meeting.
- A representative from MLS Soccer Camps presented a brief description of his organization. Things they offer that we might consider include coaching clinics and tryout assistance. They place an emphasis on developing soccer skills rather than creating elite teams, and are willing to design custom programs on an hourly or weekly basis. There was discussion about holding a multi-level player/coach clinic the weekend before the season starts (March 24/25), and Becky will work on possible options with MLS Camps, Crusaders or other interested parties.

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