Meeting Minutes - 2008

Club Meeting -- November 12, 2008

Present: Tom Campbell, Rick Chandler, Abdul Faikey, Jackie Ferrari, Mark Grosenbaugh, Becky Kirk, Chris Lebeouf, Greg Lanoue, George Liles, Cameron McCampbell, Jeff McGuire, Devin McManus, Amy Peterson, Maurice Tivey

Report on 2009 tryouts:
George Liles explained this year's strategy of fielding a Division 1 team at each age group where possible and our intention to field single-age or multi-year Division 2 teams as needed. He then gave a rundown of the teams that the Club will declare for the South Coast Soccer League and the names of the coaches. There will be 11 boys teams and 12 girls team. In addition, the U16 girls will again play for Bourne and the U15 boys will play for Mashpee.

Rick Chandler reported that 25% of the expected 2009 players have already registered online. Rick will send out an email to coaches with information on how to register, which the coaches are to pass on to their player's parents. The registration deadline will be extended to December 1. ALL COACHES MUST REGISTER ONLINE. Use the link at to register (there is no cost for coaches). Rick also reviewed registration deadlines for South Coast Soccer League. Teams must be declared at the SCSL meeting on December 8. Roster and player cards for U14 and below must be turned in by the January SCSL meeting. Roster and player cards for U15 and above must be turned in by the February SCSL meeting. Preliminary schedules are posted at the end of December.

There was a good turn out at uniform tryon night. We sold off the Club's remaining stock of uniforms. All players who need a uniform now must contact Mary Rythers to get a number and then go to All-Cape Sports in Sandwich to purchase the uniform kit.

NEED HELP: The Club could use anyone with a flat-bed truck to help transport our 8v8 goals from Morse Pond back to Trotting Park.

Skills Academy and professional training:
The Club is having difficulty scheduling the Skills Academy for this year. It was agreed to spend a good part of the December meeting talking about what the Club would like to do in terms of professional training, including Skills Academy, coaching clinics and outdoor training by professional organizations.

Club Meeting -- October 8, 2008

Present: Rick Chandler, Rui Correia, Phil Dascombe, Ed Furtek, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, Chris Leboeuf, George Liles, Cameron McCampbell, Mary Ryther, Maurice Tivey

Tryout times for U8-U14 are listed on the Club website. Older teams will have tryouts and form after the high school season is over.

Mary Ryther took names of voluteers to serve as independent (i.e. not a parent or coach) evaluators for the tryouts. All age group coordinators should contact Mary to arrange for an independent evaluator to come to their tryout. Within a day or two of your tryouts, let Becky Kirk or George Liles (the new Director of Coaching) know how many kids you have in your age group and what the breakdown is in terms of 1) Division 1 players, 2) Division 2 players and 3) in-between players. You will probably have roughly 33% in each group.

Any player who notifies you that they cannot come to your tryout may be evaluted at a later date (but within a week) and included in your player pool. Players who contact you after the tryouts will be placed on an appropriate team only if space is available and only by Becky. Coaches are NOT allowed to place them on a team without the Club's OK.

Within a couple days of the tryouts, coordinators need to tell George Liles who the possible coaches are for each team in their age group. Don't tell parents anything about player placement until you get the go ahead from Becky or George. Only tell the parents that a decision will be made within 2 weeks of the tryouts.

The annual "Letter to Parents" that is handed out at tryouts was updated and will be available for age coordinators to hand out at the field.

On-line registration will open the day after tryouts. Parents should be told to wait until they hear what team they are on so that they have the option of accepting or not accepting the placement. If a parent does not have internet access they may submit their form and check directly to the coach, who will then pass it on to the Club registrar, Rick Chandler. There will be NO refunds.

MYSA forms for all players still need to be filled out at the tryouts for waiver purposes. MYSA forms (or copies) are retained by the coaches and are to be carried with them to practices and games. They serve as medical treatment waivers, as in the past.

Director of Coaching:
An updated job description was approved (see below). There was one applicant who was interviewed. After discussions, the motion was made to select George Liles
as Director of Coaching. The motion was approved unanimously.

George subsequently expressed the desire to stepdown as treasurer. That would create a second opening on the Board. The Board of Directors is currently seeking
volunteers for Club Treasurer and Vice-President in charge of field use. Contact Becky Kirk if interested.


1) Work with the Club president before tryouts to identify age-group coordinators
2) Work with the age-group coordinators to organize Fall tryouts for Spring travel soccer
3) Work with the age-group coordinators and Board members to develop a plan for formation of teams each year; present final plan to FSC Board for approval
4) Work with the age-group coordinators to identify possible coaches. Evaluate and, in some cases, interview coaching candidates and make recommendations to the Board about who should coach each team.
5) Work with coaches throughout the season. Monitor team progress and make recommendations to the coaches to help improve how they run practices and coach games.
6) Oversee Club player and coach development by working with the Board to come up with a list of things the Club should be doing to improve the quality of soccer in Falmouth (e.g. winter skills academy for the young players, coaching clinics and licensing, etc.)
7) Form and chair a coaching committee as required to help the Director of Coaching carry out job tasks. Delegate tasks to the committee as appropriate.
8) Resolve disputes between players/parents and the Club with regard to coaching issues as called upon by Club President
9) Follow and promote the Club's philosophy
10) Attend appropriate training seminars put on by Massachusetts Youth Soccer Association for club coaching directors
11) The Director of Coaching will be a full voting member of the Board of Directors of the Club.

Club Meeting -- September 10, 2008

Present: Becky Kirk, George Liles, Mike Jones, Rick Chandler, Mary Ryther, Devin McManus, Mark Grosenbaugh

Competitive Teams:
Discussion of George Liles's plan to make Falmouth Soccer Club teams more competitive. The idea of appointing Technical Directors was tabled until the position and duties could be better defined. There was agreement that a major function of the Technical Director would be to organize the U8-U10 levels and oversee player development at these ages.

On-Line Registration:
On-line registration will be used this year. There will be a link on the Falmouth Soccer Club website. Parents will be required register on line after the tryouts when the teams are made up, but before November 15 in order to give enough time to meet the SCSL registration deadline of December 1.

2009 Fee:
Player fee this year will be $90 if registration is submitted by November 15. There will be an additional $20 late fee for any registration submitted after November 15.

Tryouts for age groups U14 and below will be held during the weekend after Columbus Day, on October 18 and 19.

Board Opening:
The executive board of the Club is still accepting applications for the "1st Vice President" position on the board.

Club Meeting -- May 14, 2008

Present: Steve Boyd, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, George Liles, Cameron McCampbell, Mary Ryther

Quality of Play:
Steve Boyd presented statistics on the competitiveness of this year’s Falmouth teams. This led to a discussion on how to improve the quality of play club-wide. We discussed having age group coordinators for 6v6, 8v8, Jr. High and High School boys and girls age groups.

League Report:
Mike Jones reported that the SCSL BOD would be voting on a proposal to combine players into 2-year age groups starting next year. This is because MTOC and most town leagues in Massachusetts use 2-year age groups. If passed, each 2-year age group would be divided into 4 divisions. SCSL presently has 1-year age groups with 2 divisions in each. Mike also reported that parking will be difficult at MTOC this year because of the change of venue to the new Mass. Youth Soccer fields.

Jr. High Soccer Program:
It was agreed to invite the coaches of the Lawrence Jr. High interscholastic soccer teams to our next meeting to discuss what to do about the large number of boys and girls 7th and 8th grade soccer players that are expected to try out in the fall.

Club Meeting -- February 13, 2008

Present: Becky Kirk, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mary Ryther, Rui Correia, Bob Petit, Brian Kinsella, Tom Campbell, Jeff Burt, Ed Furtek, Amy Peterson, Chris LeBoeuf, Al Gagnon, Greg Lanoue, George Liles, Cameron McCampbell, Phil Dascombe, Maurice Tivey, Rick Chandler, Christine Mosher, Devin McManus, Tony Sciarrillo, Mike Jones, Keith Engstrom, Tor Clark, Abdul Faiky, James Cappellini

Officer Reports:
Treasurer - we are on budget.
Secretary - presented minutes from the January meeting, which were accepted by voice vote.
Registrar - we have 23 teams with a total of 330 players so far.

League Report:
South Coast Soccer League was given wild card entries in the MTOC tournament for U15G, U13B, and U14G. The tournament will be held at the new fields at Langcaster at the end of June. Any Grade 8 referees who wish to work at MTOC should contact Mike Jones by the end of March. SCSL playoffs - semifinals must be completed by June 15 and finals by June 22. Division 1 playoffs will hold games at higher seeded team's field. Division 2 playoffs are to be held at a neutral site on the weekends of June 15 and June 22.

MPS Clinics:
The club is finalizing plans for holding MPS-led clinics during March and April for all teams. The club's payment to MPS will cover free admission to all Cape Cod Crusader home games at Mass Maritime this spring and summer. This offer applies to players, coaches, referees and board members.

Equipment and Uniforms:
The uniforms have arrived at All Cape Sports and are awaiting application of numbers and the newly designed embroidered FSC logo. Sweatshirts may still be ordered directly from Soft As A Grape. We will need to order additional club patches to hand out at spring tournaments. All coaches should get their equipment requests to Mary Ryther as soon as possible.

Old Business:
Teams need to commit by the end of February to enter the Sandwich Memorial Weekend tournament. The club has budgeted $2400 to help teams attend this or other holiday tournaments. The telephone hotlines will be up and running by March 1. Information on each team's phone
number will be given to coaches on the day that we line fields, tentatively set for March 15. A brief discussion was held on the club granting club membership and equal status to out-of-town players who have played for FSC for at least one year. A more formal discussion on this issue will be held at a later meeting.

New Business:
Spring season practice times and fields were chosen by each coach. The results should be posted on the FSC web site soon.

Club Meeting -- January 9, 2008

Present: Tom Campbell, Rick Chandler, Keith Engstrom, Mark Grosenbaugh, Mike Jones, Becky Kirk, Greg Lanoue, Cameron McCampbell, Kevin Mulvey, Kathryn Rose, Mary Ryther, Derek Silcox, Don Swanbeck

League Report:
Mike Jones gave the SCSL report for December and January meetings. The spring travel league schedule is online. Also, coaches need to register online at

Equipment and Coaching:
Mary Ryther reported on uniforms, which will arrive by the last week of January. The club needs to decide on an emblem for the jersey. Mary suggested that in choosing a logo, we should choose something other than a clipper ship because of our occasional use of out-of-town players.
Coaches will be able to order practice equipment in the next couple weeks. Mary will send out an order form by the end of January. Coaches may budget up to $7 per player plus $30 for if you are a new coach. Veteran coaches should use as much existing equipment as they can and turn in any equipment (in good condition) that they can no longer use at the February 13th Falmouth Soccer Club meeting. There was a big turnout for the skills clinic at Falmouth Academy. We talked about hosting coaching clinics before season starts. Coaches are always encouraged to look at the Mass Youth Soccer website and sign up for appropriate level coaching clinics at any nearby site. Barnstable is holding G and F courses in February and March. There are also G and F courses in Plymouth in March.

Kevin Mulvey reported on the fields that we have for the spring. We have Trotting Park again on MWF and Morse Pond WThF. The new fields on Sandwich Road will be used for baseball and lacrosse. Practice field sign up for Trotting Park and Morse Pond fields will take place at the February Soccer Club meeting. All coaches must attend or send a representative for their team to sign up for practice fields. The Falmouth Soccer Club will pay for a portable toilet at Trotting Park this spring.

The Club approved paying $2,640 to Mass Premier Soccer to conduct player and coach training sessions for Falmouth Soccer Club teams, to be held in the spring. The club also approved spending up to $2,000 this year for college scholarships to be awarded to deserving college-bound soccer players who have been active in the Falmouth Soccer Club. A formal call for nominations with eligibility criteria will be issued in the spring.

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