Meeting Minutes - 2011

Club Meeting -- December 1, 2011

Present: Mary Ryther, Derek Silcox, Corey Holt, Rui Correia, Becky Kirk, Jen Maranchie, Lee Enos, Paul Hennessy, Adam Thomas, TJ Turner, Ebonie Briscoe, Tom Campbell, Rick Chandler, Frank Mastriano, Amy Peterson, Ed Furtek, Renee Katziff, Katherine Rose, Chris Leboeuf, Samantha Pearsall

Registration Updates
- Rick Chandler, registrar, said most player cards were sent out to coaches and in progress. Cards must be returned to Rick by Dec. 15 in order to complete U8-U14 registration before Christmas. We are doing well with numbers (334 kids registered with 29 teams). All U15+ teams have registration deadlines in February.
- Mary urges teams with only one registered coach to add a 2nd adult on SportsPilot (assistant coach/manager/team parent). Only 4 adults can have a pass card and only 3 can be on sideline at once – all need to be CORIed (Rick does this automatically with any new coaches as they register on SportsPilot).

2nd VP – Field Manager
Eboni Briscoe (U12-2 head coach) volunteered for this position which includes creating the field lining schedule, maintaining field equipment, organizing pre-season Field Lining Day in March, creating the team practice schedule, acting as the liaison between Rec Dept., voting member of soccer club board.

Christmas Parade, Sunday, Dec. 4 – Volunteer Theme
- 14 kids currently signed up to walk/dribble/pass, 2 adult parents, 1 adult at end of parade until all kids are picked up
- More volunteers and players are needed for Sunday! Please contact Renee Katziff ( if you can walk with the players in the parade that day or your child would like to be part of the walking unit.
- All parade participants meet at Teaticket School Sunday morning at 10:30 am and the parade starts at noon from Falmouth Plaza.

Injury Prevention
– A presentation with Tim Wakefield, FHS athletic trainer, and others prior to the season was discussed. Need volunteers to work on getting speakers, picking a date, location, etc. Anyone interested in helping with this should talk to Mary Ryther ( Katherine Rose may want to help.

Coach Certification Training
– The group discussed hosting a coaching certification training in Falmouth this year at some level, possibly the F Course (prerequisite is the first level, the G Course available to take individually online at
- Ed Furtek mentioned a Coaching Convention at Mohegan Sun… E Course… it’s the first weekend in March (Thurs, Fri, Sat - $150)
- Eboni also mentioned her connections to free CPR classes from the Red Cross for coaches if we wanted to offer those at some point (Mary mentioned at the Joe Kirk Tournament in March)

Indoor Training by FSC this winter
At Lawrence School past 2 years we had FSC-run training sessions, general consensus that it was a good idea and we should continue to do it in house as opposed to hiring an outside trainer (ie from MYSA, MPS). We will be discussing this further and planning dates, etc soon.

SCSL Update
– Chris LeBoeuf is FSC’s South Coast Soccer League Rep.
- Between now and February the spring schedules are being created
- Initial schedules will be posted by Dec. 30 and conflicts need to be reported to Chris by February 14th. Coaches should look ahead at school vacations, etc. Each team gets 1 unrestricted reschedule, after that it needs to be for a school or religious function only.
- Rick mentioned that the league schedules games BOTH weekends of April vacation. Only weekends not scheduled are Easter and Memorial Day
- SCSL Website Coordinator has retired and new person appointed, they will move to a different soccer program – might know by December if it will be in place this spring
- Discussions among league repos about changing roster size for U13/U14 to 22 players and then have to cut it back to 18 for MTOC
- New this year: If a coach is suspended they cannot attend any games (even on opposite sidelines) during the suspension

Insurance Certificate for indoor gym space for practicing this winter
- FSC can supply an insurance certificate for use of any public town building (school gyms). We get our certificate thru MYSA. Falmouth Academy already has certificate. We still might need one certificate to cover all Falmouth Public Schools.
- This is secondary injury insurance and picks up after own family’s insurance OR $500 from out of pocket. Injury report form at MYSA needs to be filled out and given to FSC and MYSA -
- MYSA insurance is covered for indoor practices only. If you play at a for-profit facility (ie Jungleplex) players are NOT covered by this supplemental insurance
- Chris mentioned we need to think about liability insurance for FSC. Half other SCSL clubs have this (additional supplemental insurance to be sure kids are covered) He will get a quote, get ideas from an insurance person on risks, etc --- Sean Almeida? Insurance vendor from MYSA?

Treasurer – Barbara was not able to make it to meeting

Indoor practice space – Last year FSC donated $500 to FA to use the gym space. We discussed the pros/cons of doing this again. Frank was going to to talk with Rich Sperdutto of FA about a possible deal (Coaches should hold off on calling FA directly, go thru Frank to discuss using FA gym space -

FSC Training Partner – Challenger Sports vs. MPS… do we want to check them out? Get a price, etc? Is it worth having training? Rui urges for coaches education and moving coaches to a point of all better understanding the game and getting everyone on nearly the same page. Coaching courses are not always very accessible and not always highly attended.
Uniform Update – Derek Silcox encouraged all coaches to poll their teams to make sure everyone has a uniform who needs one, the complete FSC order will be submitted very soon by our vendor, Falmouth Sports Exchange. If you have players who need any part of a uniform please have them contact Derek at

Club Meeting -- June 9, 2011

PRESENT: Mary Ryther, Derek Silcox, Sam Pearsall, Maurice Tivey, Tom Saudade, Rick Chandler

There were some potential candidates discussed, including:
- Sara Turner
- Ken Gartner
- Greg Gaudet
No VP2 was appointed at this meeting
Tom Saudade has all the information and timeline for tasks to turn over after the season

- Metal trailer at TP will be removed after the season ends
- Fields should be all set for this week/weekend home play-off games
- There is the possibility of home playoff games at TP the 18th and 19th as well

Chris Leboeuf has kindly volunteered to coordinate this for our club and has been discussing field space, etc with the Rec Dept/Joe Olenick
Cranberry is still a bit in limbo due to limited field access
Discussed encouraging players to participate in BOTH Rec League and Cranberry
• Require that all players in Cranberry also sign up for Rec League
• Take larger Cranberry teams and rotate players through so not every player will play each week (giving them more time to participate in Rec as well)

Derek Silcox is the club’s new VP1 (Uniform & Equipment Manager)
We are seeking a new manufacturer because Select stopped making uniforms
Discussed possibly using a different store besides All Cape Sports because their customer service has not been as good as we would like for the last 2 seasons
Options discussed for uniforms:
• Falmouth Sports Exchange
• Soft as a Grape
• Elizabeth Braga’s company
• “Pop Tops”

Chris Leboeuf has sold all but 5 FSC tickets for Saturday June 18 Revs Game
If you would like tickets, please contact him ASAP at

Club Meeting -- January 6, 2011

Registration for Spring 2011: FSC has 26 teams and 380+ players registered!

Field Availability for spring 2011 may be limited due to significant maintenance scheduled by Falmouth DPW. Tom Saudade met with Brian Dale of the DPW today. A second meeting date has been set up for this coming Monday. FSC needs to be pro-active in the short-term.

Planning for the Joe Kirk Memorial Tournament in March:
FSC organizer - Mary to check with Devin McManus to see if he wants to retain position this year.
Permission/support from Recreation Dept - Need to do so ASAP.
Prizes/shirts/fundraising opportunities - Tom Saudade suggests a contest for T-shirt design.
Sponsorships - Needs work.

Player and Coach Development Opportunities:
Coaching E course - Mary to make contact with local clubs and try to get one scheduled on the Cape.
Clinics in February for junior players? Frank Mastriano offered to organize these sessions. He will choose the schedule to match his availability.
Teen-age player seminars - Sample topics: conditioning, injury prevention, head injury, healthy choices, college planning, etc. Maurice will work on a session for the girls, specifically regarding ACL injury prevention. Greg agreed to work on a session at his gym (Balanced Health & Fitness) re: off-season conditioning. Mary to contact Tim Wakefield re: injury prevention/conditioning for boys.

Fundraising Opportunities:
Briefly reviewed due to lack of time- not much discussion. This is really in the board's hands to make a policy about what we'd like to move on this season.
We still have list of volunteers from the Spring 2010 survey and will call on those people when we get something in place.

Question was asked why we need to fundraise? In the very near future FSC will probably be asked to pay a user fee for the fields.
Fundraising suggestions:
- Food /Concessions at Trotting Park
- Sale of FSC gear (sweatshirts, hats, car magnets/stickers etc.)
- Sponsorship by local businesses
- Website giving
- Volunteerism- i.e. Falmouth Road Race, CC Marathon, etc.

Mary asked Becky Kirk to coordinate FSC's FHS Scholarship Program this year. (Becky has done so in the past.) Becky agreed. Others at the meeting suggested that FSC should provide a list of current/active FSC (senior) players to the FHS committee to ensure that they know who is a club member.

Barbara agreed to put together a pie chart to show how each player registration fee is spent. We expect that this question may come up especially if we ask families to fundraise during the season. Mary to include this in a pre-season letter to go out in March or early April.

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