Meeting Minutes - 2013

Club Meeting -- July 11, 2013

1. Make up try outs
- August 17th
- Bubble players will also be asked to come back
- If the player can't make the try out, situations to be dealt with individually
2. Player Commitment
Division 1
- Teams will play in the Cranberry League; individual players may elect not to
- Practice 1/week in winter
- May play in winter league at coach's discretion
- Practice 2x/week; additional multi-age (U10-U14) make up practice will be offered (looking at Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays)
Division 2
- Practice 1/week
3. Cranberry League
- 7/31 team declaration deadline
- 8/12 coach information due
- Boys U10 - U13 Division 1 teams; maybe U14
- Girls U10 - U14 Division 1 teams, plus U13 Division 2
- If other Division 2 teams would like to play Cranberry we need a coordinator for fields, referees, etc.
4. Coach interest
- Coaches expressed their interest for leading specific teams

Club Meeting -- May 23, 2013

1. Group Night at the Revolution
- June 2nd at 4pm against L.A. Galaxy
- Flier has a link to directly order tickets

2. Friendship Tournament Information was emailed by Chris
- U10 Boys: at Swansea-Somerset. The date is set for Saturday, June 15th with a rain date of Sunday, June 16th. Please reply to by May 31st if you plan to attend.
- U08 Boys: at Mariner. The date will be Saturday, June 15th . Please reply to if you plan to attend.
- U08 Girls: at Lakeville. Please reply to if you plan to attend.

3. SCSL Playoffs
- Quarterfinals are the week of June 15th
- Rosters freeze on May 29th for MTOCs-not an issue for us
- Division 1 Semifinals are June 22nd at Mariner
- Division 2 Semifinals are June 23rd at Mariner
- Each club needs a representative both days: 7am – 12noon; 12noon – 5 pm

4. Zero Tolerance
- Reminder there is a zero tolerance for inappropriate behavior by parents, players, and coaches.

5. Tryouts
- Dates
June 24th U10 4-6pm, U11 6-8pm
June 25th U12 4-6pm, U13 6-8pm
June 26th U14 4-6pm; GK tryout U10-U12 6-7pm and U13-U14 7-8pm
June 27th Rain Date
June 28th Rain Date
June 29th Scrimmage Tryout: U10 starts at 9 and every 2 hours the next age until 5pm for U14
- Earlier tryouts allows teams more time together; Division 1 teams (maybe some Division 2) can play Cranberry League
- Organize friendly matches with other towns
- More practice time before season
- Concerns about tryouts:
People may be going away; sick or hurt?
Not enough scrimmage time
Dividing players by level already; Division 2 may be able to play more competitive if playing with Division 1 players
- Please send a Coach application to Frank if interested in coaching again and a copy of a roster ranking players in 3 groups: the top, middle, and bottom to assist with after tryouts
- Please send TJ a list of your players and their jersey numbers

Club Meeting -- April 11, 2013

I. Revolution Partnership
a. Chad from the Revolution discussed the partnership program benefits
b. Board needs to further discuss if we are going to continue
c. Chris is no longer able to be coordinator; Erin L. volunteered to be coordinator depending on the Board’s vote

II. Field Tidbits
a. Careful when lining the field, if there is another sport also practicing, you may have to wait to line
b. Clean up the water bottles left from practices and games (home and away) Coaches make sure your players pick up or you will need to bring the waterbottles to the trash to the trash
c. Derek sent out the information for picture day. If your team is away or there is another issue, get in touch with Rich to reschedule
d. Jayson has been holding goal keeper clinics at Trotting Park on Mondays starting at 4:30, contact for more information

III. South Coast Update
a. MTOC is the weekend of June 28, 29, and 30
b. Friendship tournament towns have been decided. The towns will be sending out more specific date/time information soon
c. New South Coast website:

IV. Concussion Policy
a. Chris sent out an email regarding the new concussion policy (if player goes to a doctor, they must have a note to play again)
b. Watch the video in order to be trained on the topic HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
c. Scores: home team reports scores, but always check the score and save card. $25 fine if score is not reported
d. Fans: if ref talks to you, you must deal with unruly parents
e. Referees can make decision if player can play with glasses SOMETIMES IT HAS NOT BEEN ALLOWED
f. Lopsided scores: Shouldn’t have games with 12-0;
i. take measures to not inflate score: pull player, only shoot with left
ii. Sportsmanship committee will call if there is an issue

V. U14 Boys Roster Issue
a. Discussed possible solutions, solution in development

VI. Tryouts
a. Week of June 17/24
b. Div 1 teams can play Cranberry
c. Allows for ownership to make a commitment, will help with deadlines, and more cohesion
d. Coaches can practice as they wish before the season

Club Meeting -- January 10, 2013

I. Attendance

II. Team packets/Roster
a. The Club is running an ad to draw more players - let us know if you need more players
b. Keep pass cards at the end of the season

III. Indoor Gym Usage
a. @ Falmouth Academy
b. First come first serve; schedule on website
c. Only young players
d. $30/session - figure out per player fee
e. End of March key and money due
f. New Balance Road Race gave $1000 donation in past for indoor use
g. Perhaps include in club fee in future

a. Schedule by end of the month
b. Got Soccer program is being used again
c. Season opens April 6th/7th
d. Season ends June 2nd
e. MTOC tourney June 29th
f. Can reschedule one game if you know lots of player will have a conflict
g. Let us know if there is a certain time, like mornings, that are better for games. We have of home game control, can make away requests
h. Chris will have mtg end of January /beginning of February with a computer to help with Got Soccer
i. Club website tells you which day you play

V. Equipment Orders
a. TJ sending out email this weekend with ordering information
b. Please turn in any old equipment you no longer need
c. Make sure all of your players have ordered a uniform
d. Shed has extra supplies like ice packs, all coaches will get key in March

VI. Field Space
March 16th field lining day. You MUST attend.

VII. Joe Kirk Memorial Tournament
a. Sat March 23rd to raise money for someone in need within the Club
b. Scheduled format, each team will have specific times
c. We will need sponsors and raffle items
d. Younger teams please try to build enthusiasm to keep numbers

VIII. Multi-child Discount
a. No discount
b. We already have scholarships in place if a letter is written to Barbara Almeida, treasurer
c. Head coach gets one fee waived

IX. Other
a. MYS form is needed for practices and games for each child
b. Always keep these with you as they are a release for medical treatment in case of injury
c. Parent code of Conduct on website
d. Make sure you consult and read Bylaws and Coaches Manual on the website

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