Meeting Minutes - 2014

Club Meeting -- January 16, 2014

Important Dates
• Equipment orders due 1/24
• Next meeting (spring practice time selection) 2/13
• Joe Kirk Tournament 3/1 9am-5pm
• Field Lining Day/equipment distribution 3/22

• Introduced Cheryl Gregory as our new board member assigned to fundraising, spearheading the efforts to acquire new fields (our 5 year goal)

Equipment Orders
• TJ emailed equipment order forms
• Please let him know if you are a head coach and did not receive it
• You must enable macros at top of spreadsheet for it to work
• Due back January 24th
• Please email your team to make sure they have shorts and shirts that still fit and haven't lost any parts of their uniform

Winter Practice
• Schedule for winter practices at Falmouth Academy are on the web site
• No plowing on the weekend so if there is ice or snow you cannot hold practice
• Separate shoes must be brought to wear in the gym
• FA has basketball games 1/25 @1:30 and 2/1 @1:00
• If FA is using it you must leave - they are doing us a favor

Teams/Rosters/Coaching Vacancies
• MYSA forms must be with you during practices and games
• Make sure all of your players have a signed MYSA form before practice; some late registrations didn't sign one yet
• Coaching vacancies – U08B (2), U09B (1)

SCSL Update
• Schedule is not ready yet; should be out by February 10th
• Reschedule period until mid March
• Let Frank/Chris know if you have time preferences (home games)
• No longer balanced younger teams u 8-9; must be division 1/2
• There are discussions to have a South Coast fall league
• School choice - exploring rule that kid can play where they go to school without a waiver
• - new web site
• Coach and referee evaluation form available on web site for both good and bad
• Finances are in good shape- operating at break even number
• U15G not enough numbers so will play as U16G

Joe Kirk Memorial Tournament
• Saturday March 1st all day at the Rec; plan to be there!
• Tell your team about it now
• World Cup theme
• Looking for T-shirt sponsors @ $125; raffle items

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