Meeting Minutes - 2017

Club Meeting -- October 12, 2017

President’s Report
• Coaches must have lanyards with photo ID - this indicates that coach has been coried. While the wearing of lanyards at fall games my not be enforced, it will be in the spring season.
• D2 players need to register. Coaches should contact their players.
• The Board is trying to collect money from players who haven’t yet paid. If coaches receive a check, they can pass it along to any board member or send it to the office.

Vice President’s Report/ SCSL
• Fall playoffs will be held the weekend of November 4- 5.
• The spring season will have games on both ends of April vacation. Several coaches expressed concern about having enough players for both weekends. Ginger suggested waiting to see the actual schedule, then trying to make adjustments as needed.

Coaching Director’s Report
• The weekly clinics for non-D1 players have been well received. There is room for more players. Coaches are asked to encourage their players to attend.
• Feedback from coaches who have had GPS sessions at their practice times was also positive.
• All coaching slots for the 2017-18 season are filled except for 2nd and 3rd grade teams. These age groups will be signing up November 2nd at uniform night.
Coaches can also volunteer at this time.
• Plans for winter and spring training are being developed.

Equipment Manager’s Report
• Uniform and Registration night will be Thursday November 2 at the Rec Center 6-8.
1. Because current uniform shirts are no longer available, ALL players will need to buy a new uniform shirt for the spring season, (except those - 3rd and 4th
grade players and new fall players who have the new shirts already).
2. Players will be notified by Sports Pilot but coaches are encouraged to send a secondary email to their players to ensure they know this.
3. FSC is asking families to donate the old shirts for young players in other countries who don’t have access to uniforms. A collection bin will be at Uniform Night.
4. The Board is investigating offering a new brand of black shorts due to complaints about the current style.
5. Current players are asked to wear their uniform shirts to school on November 2 to remind people of Registration/Uniform Night and to generate excitement for the spring season.

Referee Assignor
• Fall coaches expressed positive feedback about refs working home games.
• ARs must be at least 16 and at least two years older than the players in the game they are working.
• Coaches have asked for a “Breakout” line for younger players on goal kicks. Keepers on Grade 2 and Grade 3 teams often struggle to get the ball out of the box.

A list of game days by grade and gender is available on the website.

Club Meeting -- September 14, 2017

President’s Report
- All coaches should have and wear 2017-18 credentials. This indicates that the CORI is up to date. Use lanyards provided last year and insert current photo id.
- Every team should have an assistant coach.
- Registration is now open for D2 players. All D2 players need to register in order to participate in the Friday GPS clinics.
- The uniform and and Registration night for grades 2,3 & 9+ will be held in early November, (probably November 2). It was suggested that current players be encouraged to wear their uniforms to school on that day as a reminder and to generate excitement for the FSC program.

Vice President/Field Manager’s Report
- All issues and concerns about field use should be addressed through the club (field manager) and not taken directly to the DPW or Rec Department.
- The club may need to line the 151 field. There may be game conflicts in a couple of weeks.
- Fall playoffs will be in early November. (Details will follow.)

Coaching Director’s Report
- The new weekly clinic for non D1 players began 9/15. D2 players are encouraged to attend Fridays 4:30-6:30.
- GPS will be working with coaches each week.
- The D2 coaching slate is almost complete. There is still an opening for the Grade 7 D2 boys.

Equipment Manager’s Report
- Coaches should bring 2 game balls to each home game.
- Uniform issues go to Kelly Crocker at Falmouth Exchange (

The Next Coaches meeting is scheduled for October 12, 2017.

Club Meeting -- April 13, 2017

President Report
• The Joe Kirk Tournament raised just under $1500 this year, down slightly from last year. Anyone who knows of potential beneficiaries should email President TJ Turner.
• Make-up practices are held Friday nights @ 4:30 at Trotting Park. D1 players need to attend 2 practices each week. D2 players must attend 1. It is fine to use the Friday practices as extra work, but if the majority of your team is attending, a coach should accompany them to help run the practice. Older players could be used as helpers to mentor younger players.
• FSC is on a wait list with UK Elite for goalie training, which coaches have requested. In the meantime, numerous drills are available on line.
1. The 2017/18 tryout letter is on the FSC website.
2. FSC coaches will do the evaluations this year, not UK Elite.
3. Coaches will again submit their evaluations/rankings/comments. The board will generate an assessment form to help coaches provide comprehensive information in a consistent format.
4. Players will be evaluated during a spring game as well as at tryouts.
5. Players are committed to their team/FSC through June 30. Tryouts will be June 24&25. There will be NO make-up tryouts. Players who cannot attend tryouts will have to rely on game evaluation and coach ranking for placement.

Reminders to coaches:
• Report home game scores in Got Soccer
• Bring 2 game balls to each home game.
• SCSL has a zero tolerance policy with regard to criticizing referees. FSC has a number of new referees in training. Coaches are asked to be supportive and email feedback good and bad to Referee Assignor Frank Mastriano.
• Ask players to clean up their sideline area when the game is over. No trash should be left behind. Rob Ryan will look into getting a recycling bin for the field.

New Items:
• The club will be working to collect unpaid player fees in the next couple of weeks.
• The club is still looking for a new Webmaster to update and maintain the website.
• FSC may again participate in the Falmouth Annual Earth Day clean up by collecting trash at Trotting Park. Further details will be provided.
• The Board of Health anticipates many ticks this spring and summer that have the potential to transmit several different diseases. Teams are encouraged to take precautions including using the portable benches located in the trailer to keep players off the ground. A SportsPilot message will go out to families reguarding the potential dangers.

The next meeting will be 5/11/2017.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Kirk, FSC Secretary

Club Meeting -- February 16, 2017

The following Slate of Board Members was approved:
President – T.J. Turner
Vice President – Erin Lewis
Secretary – Becky Kirk
Treasurer – Sara Turner
Registrar – Rick Chandler
Coaching Director – Rich Corner
Field Manager – Rob Ryan
Equipment Manager – Tom Lacey
Referee Assignor – Frank Mastriano
Fundraising Manager – Cheryl Gregory

FSC is looking for a new Webmaster to update and maintain the website. Anyone interested in this position should contact TJ Turner.

Vice President and SCSL Representative Erin Lewis reported that the 2017 season would begin 3/25/2017. The last games will be the June 03/04 weekend. MTOC will be the weekend of June 23.

Coaches should log in to GotSoccer to enter their players onto the roster and check their 2017 spring schedule. This schedule will not be official until 3/1.
Coaches seeking to reschedule games should contact Erin with 3 possible reschedule dates. Only reschedules due to school or religious events will be considered and it may be necessary to document the event. Coaches needing to reschedule games during the season must contact Erin before Wednesday 9am for games the following weekend.

FSC will hold its 9th annual Joe Kirk Memorial Tournament on Saturday March 4th. The flyer will go out via Sports Pilot in the next couple of days. Coaches are encouraged to contact their teams to inform them of game times and parental participation opportunities.
Donations and raffles are still needed. Volunteers are also needed to provide baked goods and to man raffle, t-shirt and food tables. Sponsors are still being accepted. Their names will appear on the t-shirts and in the brochure. The schedule is similar to last year’s and player donation still $5/player.
Proceeds go to a FSC family facing a challenging time.

Coaches who have not registered with MYSA and been Cori cleared must do so immediately. Coaches will need their credentials to be on the field.

Field Manager Rob Ryan said the fields will be lined in mid-March. All games and practices will be scheduled at Trotting Park or Morse Pond School. Coaches chose their spring practice times.

Respectfully submitted, Becky Kirk

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