FSC Uniforms

All FSC players U08 and older must wear the official FSC uniform. Teams may not purchase and wear different uniforms. All NEW players MUST purchase an entire uniform. The cost is $49. If you are applying for a scholarship, please fill out and send this form.

Click here for the FSC Uniform Order Form

New players that need a uniform after Uniform Night should...

  • Contact Kelly Crocker, teaticketma@yahoo.com, (508) 495-1000 to get a uniform number assignment. Give Kelly your gender, age group and date of birth.
  • Go to Falmouth Sports Exchange, 6 Alphonse St., East Falmouth, with your number to order and/or pick up a uniform
  • Cost of each kit is $49.00. This includes one jersey, shorts, socks and a white numbered practice/scrimmage T-shirt/alternate jersey. Payment should be made to Falmouth Sports Exchange.
  • Players needing replacement parts of a uniform should contact Falmouth Sports Exchange
We expect that these uniforms may be worn for several seasons, and they are numbered in such a way as to allow flexibility within age groups. The uniform style will remain available for as long as FSC chooses to keep it.

Please be sure you read the uniform care instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why doesn’t the Falmouth Soccer Club buy uniforms?
The purchase, distribution, collection, sorting, and storage of uniforms was an extremely time consuming, inefficient, and costly program.

Will players’ names be printed on their uniforms?
No. Both the uniform committee and the Club directors agree that having names on uniforms takes away from the team nature of the game. On a practical note, the committee wants to allow the possibility of handing down out-grown uniforms to younger players. Names would make that impossible.

• How much do uniforms cost?
The price of the kit (including jersey, shorts, socks and numbered t-shirt) is $49.00.

• How do I buy a uniform?
The Club holds a “fitting night” in early November at which time your child will be fitted for a uniform, assigned a jersey number, and you will be asked to pay the uniform vendor in full. Delivery of uniforms will be in early March.

• What if I can’t afford to buy my child(ren)’s uniform(s)?
FSC will offer financial aid to those families that need it. Contact your child’s coach or one of the Club officers if you need assistance.

• My child’s team purchased their own uniforms in the past. Will I have to buy her/him a new uniform?
Yes. While in the past the FSC allowed teams to buy their own uniforms, it was never encouraged. The uniform program introduces a single, attractive uniform style that will be worn by all players, male and female, thereby establishing a single recognizable identity for the Club.

• Can my child have his/her favorite number?
Maybe, however, in order to keep age groupings free of duplication FSC will set specific number ranges for each age group.

• Can my child wear the uniform for more than one season?
Yes! Players should be able to get at least two year’s use out of their uniforms. For this reason, durability was an important factor in the selection of the uniform.

• How do I care for my XDri Performance Status uniform?
All uniforms have clear and specific wash instructions attached to the garment. However, there are some simple guidelines you can follow to ensure your garment maintains its new look. Because dark and vivid color dyes can have slight color transfer in the initial wash, we recommend you:

  • Launder the uniform before first wearing to minimize any minor migration of color.
  • Always machine wash in COLD water, gentle cycle
  • Do not use bleach or detergents containing bleach
  • Wash separately
  • Line dry perferably; tumble dry low heat if not. XDri fabrics are light and quick drying

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